Terms & Conditions Booking System

These applies to the Online Church Booking System

Bookings System (Subscription)

The subscription fee only includes the use of the system, including VAT and bank charges and might be adjusted depending on the yearly Increases or increases in bank fees.

Any special requests will result in additional costs charged per hour.


The Client will be responsible to pay the monthly subscription fee for the use of the system. Payments will be made up front. Subscription fees may not be carried over to the next month if not used or in the case where the account was suspended due to non payment. Renewal date will be the same date as per registration and the recurring payment will be the same date as per date of payment. Payments can only be made via Payfast subscription services. A receipt will be sent automatically to your mailbox, but Invoices will only be available on request. Email accounts@ldpwebsites for these Invoice requests.


All subscriptions not paid will be suspended automatically, no alternative payment agreements will be accepted and no use will be granted without payment. This will be an automated service and no follow up of payments will be done on these outstanding amounts.


Should your account be suspended, you can proceed by activating the subscription via the online portal or email us at accounts@ldpwebsites.co.za


Cancelation can be done by using the following methods 

  1. Completing a cancellation request form from the Online Booking System. 
  2. Cancellation requests can also be sent to accounts@ldpwebsites.co.za. Cancellation via email can take up to a minimum of 2 working days to be processed and should only be regarded as cancelled after confirmation of cancellation was received by the Client from LDP Websites.
  3. Use the link sent by Payfast, when the registration was processed.

No refund or partial refund will be done on registration or renewal fees where the subscription was cancelled after the renewal date. The service will remain active until the end of the paid month.

The subscription is a month to month subscription and can be canceled at any time. 

LDP Websites will not be liable, whatsoever for the loss of information on the system. Cancelation will result in the deletion of all information stored in the system.

Subscriptions not paid will be suspended automatically and thereafter LDP Websites will cancel the subscription in full if the subscription was not activated before the next renewal date which is 30 days after suspension. LDP Websites will not be held responsible for loss of Information due to cancelations because of non-payments. Clients will only be able to activate the suspended subscription within 30 days after suspension to recover Information before cancelation. 


Should the client experience difficulty in the registration or activation after suspension, they may email LDP Websites at accounts@ldpwebsites.co.za. Any other queries and assistance, you may email accounts@ldpwebsites.co.za. In the event where other problems need to be corrected on the system not relating to general improvements, LDP Websites can be contacted via email to accounts@ldpwebsites.co.za.

The system is a fixed platform used by more than 1 client with their own login. Updates may occur as per LDP Websites own discretion. Changes may be requested, but LDP Websites do not commit to do these changes, but ensure that the system will be updated to improve the quality and effectiveness of the system. Should your request contribute to the overall effectiveness of the system, LDP Websites will consider these changes.

Assistance will be provided in resolving any matter as far as reasonable. LDP Websites will aim to provide the best service possible, but if there is an unreasonable request, this may result in additional fees per hour.

Information update

All changes in company information, contact details and address need to be sent to accounts@ldpwebsites.co.za. 

No personal information will be distributed to any third party at any time. All personal information is kept safe.

Price increases

All pricing is evaluated on a yearly basis and adjusted accordingly. Circumstantial increases may also occur in the case where supplier pricing changes or the costing structure of a service change. Services provided that are linked to foreign currencies are adjusted on a monthly basis.


LDP Websites will not be liable, whatsoever for any loss that occurred due to an interruption in the systems availability, an error that may occur, inaccurate data or information on the system. It stays the responsibility of the Client to ensure that all information added to the system is correct. LDP Websites will not be liable, whatsoever for incorrect bookings due to incorrect entries.

LDP Websites will not be liable, whatsoever for any loss that occurred during payments made via the portal due to Incorrect entries or online theft.

Breach and Notice

In the event of the breach of any of the terms and conditions contained herein, the aggrieved party shall give the defaulting party three business days written notice of the breach, and shall require the defaulting party to remedy the breach within such notice period, failing which, the aggrieved party may:

  1. cancel this agreement, and/or;
  2. claim specific performance, (meaning that the aggrieved party requires that the defaulting party to perform in terms of this contract) and/or;
  3. exercise any other lawful remedy.
  4. where a notice is sent to a party in terms hereof, it shall be deemed to have been received:
    • in the case of delivery by registered post, within 14 (FOURTEEN) calendar days;
    • in the case of delivery to a physical address, on the first business day following delivery;
    • in the case of delivery by electronic, analogue or digital means, on the first business day following transmission;
    • whichever means of delivery of notices is utilized, it shall not be valid unless proof of delivery is produced on demand.

Should the Client be of meaning that LDP Website has dealt unfair, an email may be sent to accounts@ldpwebsites.co.za. The email needs to contain details of the complaint and the name, contact number and email address of the person handling the matter on behalf of the Client. The matter will be investigated and feedback provided to the contact person. 

Updating of terms and conditions

LDP Websites reserves the right to update or change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to Clients. The latest Terms and Conditions are available at www.ldpwebsites.co.za/tc-booking-system

Client Acceptance 

I declare that I have read and understood the terms and conditions and by making payment I agree to these terms and conditions. Should you not agree to any of these terms and conditions we ask that you do not proceed with payments.

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