Increasing the Flow of Quality Leads​

So a lot has changed, but the basics are still the same. It is time to get the right strategy in place and get ahead.

Take action NOW!​

Future Looking Bleak

Circumstances can be demotivating and some times have an paralysed effect. It is time to turn things around. Do not allow circumstances to leave you hanging dry.

  • Revenue shrinking
  • Circumstantial set backs
  • Can not get beyond the current revenue ceiling

Get a Head Start

Get a Head Start

  • Break the revenue barrier
  • Reach more people interested in you product / services
  • Get there contact details before they go to your competitor
  • Get a head start
  • Excel growth
  • Automated strategy
  • Keep track of leads

Let's move up the pace and get into action!!

At LDP Marketing, we believe in propelling businesses forward with an unwavering commitment to action. It’s time to shift gears, elevate strategies, and surge ahead. Let’s move up the pace and unleash the power of dynamic marketing solutions. Our team thrives on the pulse of innovation, and we’re ready to propel your brand to new heights. It’s not just about keeping up; it’s about setting the pace. Join us as we dive into action, turning possibilities into achievements and ambitions into success stories. The journey to your marketing excellence begins now – let’s move forward together!

Marketing Strategy

This is where it starts:

Identify a high demand solution

Develop an effective strategy

Develop an effective strategy

Included in this Solution

Marketing strategy development

Marketing ad development

Website landing page development

Campaign monitoring and optimization

Lead management system

Leads retargeting email automation

Result driven reporting

Result Driven Marketing

No marketing strategy can be called successful if there is no proven ROI (Return On Investment).

ROI achieved:

Cabinetry industry – X5.3
Motor industry – X3.6

This translates into a profit of R79 500.00 for every R15 000.00 invested with an ROI of X5.3


The ROI is calculated on the profit made after the marketing cost has been deducted and divided through the marketing cost.

This campaign type has been successfully used in high ticket item marketing. Due to the nature of this campaign it is possible to calculate a minimum ROI (Return on Investment).


Ideal for High Ticket Items

Random marketing is not the way to grow your business. It all starts with a strategy.

Ideal for High Ticket Items

The strategy followed has proven itself to be very successful in high ticket items:

Motor industry

Cabinetry manufacturing

Property industry



Almost any high ticket item

Free Strategy Call

This is not a sales call, but rather a strategy call to see if and how we can work together to grow your business.

This is a no obligation call and truly a free call

Looking forward to share strategies with to you.