Gmail Update Details

There has been a recent update that Gmail is in the process of rolling out. This update is causing emails that are sent to be returned with an error See image below. This update is doen to increase the security on Gmail and to protect their users.

The error can be easily corrected by updating the following setting on your Gmail account. You are welcome to contact our offices to obtain a new password or assistance by sending an email to designs@ldpwebsites.co.za

Steps to Follow

On your computer, go to Gmail.

At the top right, click Settings Settingsand then Settings.

Select the Accounts and import or Accounts tab.

In the “Send mail as,” click Edit info.

In the window that opens, click Next. (Check Treat as an alias is marked)

Change the SMTP Server to dedi614.jnb3.host-h.net and port to 465.

Enter Password and click Save Changes.