What we do

Website design

A website is an online representation of your business. Therefore is very important that your website becomes an extension of your business and marketing plan. Each website has it own unique design to ensure that the representation is accurate and unique. Factors like your business plan and marketing strategies together with social media is taken into consideration. We build with the aim of adding value to your business.


Secure cloud is the solution to keep your files safe in a cloud environment. This personal cloud can be customized to your specific needs and requirements for your business. Due to the flexibility Secure Cloud complies with most privacy regulations and standards. Most cloud solutions are hosted in a public domain and the only barrier between your files and a hacker is a password. What makes Secure Cloud unique?


A website, complete with e-commerce is like having a diamond in your pocket. While you are displaying your services and products, visitors will be interested to purchase. By adding e-commerce to your site will give the visitor an opportunity to purchase at that point in time.


A personalised e-mail address states that you are serious about your business. It will change the first impression that clients have about your business. Let every mail that you send be part of your brand. A volume mailbox gives you an 25 Gig mailbox that sync across devices. The advanced spam filters help reduce the amount of spam that you receive. The biggest concern about the new e-mail address is what about my current e-mail address that I am using and what about the e-mails that will still be send to the old address. Let us help you move forward with tailor made solutions.

Domain hosting

We choose our place of residence carefully by taking several factors in to consideration. This is just as important for us when we host your e-mails and website. You need the right hosting for the right application, whether it is for a website, e-mails, video streaming or audio streaming. Therefore our hosting comes at the right price without compromising on reliability, effectiveness and value for money.

Online Marketing

It is good to have a marketing plan, website and a social media presence, but it is awesome to have an integrated marketing strategy that can utilise the advantages of your website, social media presence and campaigns. A marketing plan, website, social media presence and a business plan should never be alone standing. It should all work together.